Food & Drink -English-

English Menu

◆Hamburg steak in Japanese style     ¥680      


 ◆Special made curry and rice ¥900


◆Okinawa soba   ¥1,000


◆Pork miso soup set ¥1,000


Single item  ¥850

◆Cheese is plentiful Taco rice¥1,200





◆Hamburg steak bowl   ¥1,200   





◆Special! Hamburg steak bowl(Rich) ¥1,800




◆Leel Fatty Tuna Bowl  ¥1,500





◆Two kinds bowl of sea foods   ¥1,800




◆Salmon roe bowl ¥2,800

◆Mini Salmon roe bowl ¥1,500





※It is a rice large serving for +100 yen


<Recommended  Dessert>

◆Island pudding  ¥560


◆Ice island pudding  ¥560

〜Only during the summer〜





<Recommended set menu ♬>

◆Island pudding + Drink  ¥1,000




◆Takeaway Island pudding  ¥560




<Drink Menu>

◆water of the sea which the Kouri island can swallow up ¥200

We made it with the water of the mineral-rich sea♬

◆Coca-cola / Green tea / Jasmine tea / Apple tea / Orion Clear FREE(ALC.0,00%)
All ¥350

◆Mango juice /  Pineapple juice    All¥450

◆The water series of the sea
・Hot coffee
・Iced coffee

・Flat lemon juice
・Orange juice   All ¥540

※Cash only.(Cannot use the credit card and the dollar.)